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Undelete and recover Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents completely automatically
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3 October 2013

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Official documents and files hold paramount importance to all professionals working in the corporate culture as such documents contain critical information. These documents are centered on official work procedures and requirements are created for the purpose of sharing and reference through the intranet. Since these files contain critical data and information it is important to take care of them in case of any impending accident or technical snag that results in their corruption or loss. Certain recovery programs must be kept handy while looking towards saving such information files. Since there are several recovery applications that are deployed for recovery process out of which Mareew Office Recovery 1.11.3 is a utility that works easily for multiple users in the process of recovering Office documents.

Mareew Office Recovery contains some intuitive looking features and controls and works its way intelligently for the users to recover and restore any lost or deleted MS Office and Open office documents and files. The application can work perfectly with crashed systems and corrupted disks and can also help in rescuing files from the recycle bin. The program supports all versions of MS Office and Open Office and provides the convenient drag and drop support for simple navigation. It utilizes some unique mechanisms and innovative algorithms to take care of the lost and deleted documents and scans the whole surface of the hard drive to locate the missing documents and files. Moreover, the program also supports a variety of file formats which include MS Word files, RTF files, MS Visio drawings and PowerPoint presentations as well.

To sum up, Mareew Office Recovery 1.11.3 definitely earns impressive rankings with its flexible features and controls; however since already the market is flooded with recovery programs for all kind of files, this particular program doesn’t get many ratings other than three points.

Publisher's description

Mareew Office Recovery can undelete, recover and repair documents in over 40 file formats, including Microsoft Word documents, RTF files, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Visio drawings, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Microsoft Publisher documents, as well as all documents created by StarOffice and OpenOffice suites.
Survive system crashes and disk corruption, recover documents from formatted or inaccessible disks, and rescue files deleted from the Recycle Bin easily and reliably. Mareew Office Recovery applies powerful methods to ensure recovery even if the disk is severely damaged or completely inaccessible, and supports all versions of Microsoft Office from Office 95 to 2010, as well as OpenOffice 1 and 2.
Whoever seen Windows Explorer can use Mareew Office Recovery. Drag-and-drop support, convenient operation and easy user interface make Mareew Office Recovery quick to learn and simple to use.
Under the hood, Mareew Office Recovery features comprehensive mechanics designed to take care of the lost and deleted documents even if there is not much left of your hard disk. The innovative algorithm scan the whole surface of the hard drive in order to locate the missing documents, matching every sector against pre-defined signatures that mark the beginning and end of a document.
The document recovery tool supports all versions of FAT and NTFS file systems, and runs on Windows 95 through Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit editions). In addition, it supports other file systems such as ISO9660, UDF, Linux Ext2, Ext3, and Raiser.
The free edition of Mareew Office Recovery displays live previews of all Office documents that can be recovered. If you see a preview of a document, Mareew Office Recovery guarantees its recovery.
Mareew Office Recovery
Mareew Office Recovery
Version 2.38.4
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